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Israel Jewish Tour 5 Days – 630$

Tour’s Program

Welcome to Israel for your Holy land Tour. You will be met at the Ben Gurian airport, where

one of our representatives will be there waiting for you holding a card with your name on it. You can’t miss it. Our company driver will take you to your hotel and make sure you are checked into your hotel and have settled in. You will have every opportunity to freshen up and depending on what your arrival time was you will have time to explore the area around your hotel.

Private pickup from Ben Gurion airport. Drop off to a Jerusalem hotel. Overnight in Jerusalem hotel.
Our journey starts off in the Old City of Jerusalem the Mount of Olives. A mountain ridge beside Jerusalem’s Old City, where in past history it was abundant with Olive groves, but not today, hence its name. The mount has been used as a Jewish cemetery for many centuries, and due to its relationship to Jesus and Mary, it is an important place of worship for Christians. The view from the Mount of Olives is amazing as we see the Old City and the Dome of the Rock situated on the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock is a shrine erected by the Muslims in 691 AD and is noticeable due to its gold-plated dome roof. This is not the building Jesus would have seen. In his time he would be looking at Herod’s Temple. The Jews constructed the Temple in 515 BC and during Herod the Great’s reign it was extended and refurbished. The temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.
At the bottom of the steep hill, we approach the Garden of Gethsemane. According to the New Testament, Jesus spent his last night praying while his disciples slept. The next day, Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.
Let’s move on to the Old city by getting out at the Zion Gate, bypassing the Jewish quarter and finally arriving at the ancient Byzantine Cardo. Much of it was demolished and hardly used for 1,000 years until the Crusaders filled the area with shops. Shopping for tourists continues today, with modern shops surrounded by construction dating back one and a half centuries.
Our trip continues at the Western Wall, an ancient limestone wall erected as part of Herod’s extension and refurbishment plans. It is also known as The Kotel or the Wailing Wall, erected by Herod the Great. The Jews have been praying on this holy site since 70 BC.
The Via Dolorosa, also known as the Way of the Cross, is a route taken by pilgrims visiting the Holy Sepulchre. This church was built on the site where Jesus was crucified and where his burial tomb lies. Much of the church was burnt down and ruined during the Persian and Muslim conquests. Since then, as a Crusader church, it has been restored and renovated to its former glory.
Let's go through the market, out of the Java Gate leaving the Old City behind us. Our next destination is towards the New City. There we can have a look at Yad Vashen, the Holocaust Museum. There is plenty to see here, giving you an understanding of the horrors as to what happened to the Jews who suffered in Europe during the Second World War.


  • In Jerusalem, it is strongly advised to dress modestly
  • If for any reason that in any part of our tour, a planned visit to a building is closed, we will make arrangements for you to visit an alternative place

Breakfast in Jerusalem hotel.  Pickup from Jerusalem hotel. Full transfer during the group tour. Visit Jerusalem Old and New. Government licensed tour guide in English. Entrance fees to all visited sited according to the itinerary. Return transfer to Jerusalem hotel. Overnight in Jerusalem hotel.
The Mount of Olives stands in an elevated position overlooking the Holy City of Jerusalem. Looking beyond the mount’s slope of the Jewish cemetery we can see the Temple Mount where the second Temple once stood erect, before being destroyed in 70AD.

Taking a drive along the Kidron Valley we can see this ancient cemetery and approach the bottom of the Mount we can take a look at the burial tombs of Absolom, King David’s third son Zechariah, a first Temple priest and the tomb of the sons of Hezir. Also, we can see the Church of all Nations and the Garden of Gethsemane.

Reaching Mount Zion, we can view the Tomb of King David, and within this tomb is David’s cenotaph covered with a velvet cloth complete with embroidered symbols of a lyre and a crown. In this holy Jewish site men and women sit in separate areas reciting prayers while facing the cenotaph.

Our journey proceeds with a tour passing the Zion Gates entering the Jewish Quarter. We take a visit where we see a complex of four Sephadic synogogues dating back to the 17th and 18th century. Being the Yochanan ben Zakai Synagogue, the Istanbul Synagogue, The Emtsai Synagogue and the Eliahu Ha’Navi Synagogue were found desecrated, burnt and in disrepair as a result of the six day war when the Israelites reclaimed Jerusalem.
Next, we visit the Byzantine Cardo which used to be main street of the city, and as a result of archaeological excavations we can see sections of this Byzantine Cardo. Ancient Crusader stores are now re-occupied and used as a modern shopping area today.

Proceeding along the Jewish quarter we go past excavated foundations of a two thousand seven hundred year old wall which was standing during the reign of King Hezekiah (Is 22:10). Below the streets of today we discover a two thousand year old Herodian mansion. Giving us a clear picture of what it was like in these times, we can see the mosaics and the ritual baths of that ancient period. An opportunity to put a note of prayer between the cracks as we approach the Kotel, the two thousand year old Western Wall. This wall was once a section of the outer walls of the Second Temple which stood on Temple Mount. Most of the temple was destroyed 70AD.

We now leave the Old City behind us and continue by passing and exiting the Dung Gate to visit the City of David, an excavated site. The City of David dates back three thousand years, and be amazed at the resourcefulness of the Canaanites and Hezekiah who built tunnels to bring water to the people in the city. The tunnels are described in (Chronicles II 32:2-4) and in (Kings II 20:20), "…the acts of Hezekiah and all his might, and how he made the pool and conduit, and brought water into the city…".

Please Note:
• Entrance fees are not included.
• A minimum of 2 participants.
• Changes of vehicle may be required for transfers of pick up / drop off destinations to save time, avoid traffic and delay!

Breakfast in Jerusalem hotel. Pickup from Jerusalem hotel. Full transfer during the group tour. Visit City of David and Underground Jerusalem. Government licensed tour guide in English. Entrance fees to all visited sited according to the itinerary. Return transfer to Jerusalem hotel. Overnight in Jerusalem hotel.
• Modest dress is required for holy places.
On leaving Jerusalem on road 90, we travel downwards below sea level on this long winding road towards the Dead Sea and then onto Masada. On the way at a distance, we observe the Ancient City of Jericho. According to the Christian bible, Jesus on his arrival to Jericho healed some blind beggars by returning their sight (Mark 10:46-52), and where the walls were brought down by Joshua’s soldiers (Joshua 6).

Also seen on our travels is the Inn of the good Samaritan. This road towards Jericho is linked to the parable of the Good Samaritan of which Jesus told, about a man of this area who was robbed and beaten near to death. A Samaritan passing by who was foreign to the area helped him by taking him to a local inn to heal his wounds, feed and clothe him.

As we reach the Dead Sea, famous for its high salt content, we continue along the coastline travelling in the direction towards Masada. Why not climb up the ancient Snake path like the Romans did 2000 years ago to enter Masada? But no, it would be a lot easier to take the cable to the top of this mountain. At the top, you will reach a plateau, which has an excellent view of the Judean desert and the Dead Sea. This is where Herod built palaces and fortified them. According to Flavius Josephus, a Jewish leader and historian, between 73 and 74AD a siege took place with the Roman soldiers attempt to take Masada, leading to a mass suicide of the Jewish people in the fortified Masada. Rather than face capture by the Roman soldiers, the Jews choose to kill themselves instead.

We turn back towards the Dead Sea we passed earlier. On our travels, we see the desert oasis Ein Gedi abundant with rich green foliage, a variety of wildlife, rivers and at least six beautiful fountains, situated in a desert close to the salty Dead Sea. This is where David hid in a cave with his men from King Saul. Continuing with our journey we pass by the Qumran. Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in some caves here in the hills.

To end our journey, we finally arrive at the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point below sea level and could be chosen as one of the seven wonders of the world. Due to the volume of salt in the Dead Sea, you can’t sink, so enjoy floating with the fear of drowning. People from all over the world come here to enjoy these therapeutic rich salts, minerals and water of the Dead Sea.


    • We recommend you bring with you, hats, bathing suits, towels and comfortable shoes.
    • Modest dress is required for holy places.

Breakfast in Jerusalem hotel. Pickup from Jerusalem hotel. Full transfer during the group tour. Visit Masada and Dead Sea beach. Government licensed tour guide in English. Entrance fees to all visited sited according to the itinerary. Return transfer to Jerusalem hotel. Overnight in Jerusalem hotel.
On this final day, we will transfer you to the Ben Gurion airport for your journey home. Our driver will pick you up from your hotel 4 hours before the flight, to transfer you to Ben Gurion airport.

Having sampled a variety of what Israel, Holy Land has to offer, we are sure that you will keep fond memories of your spiritual adventure with us. If you ever want to repeat the authentic experience and spiritual feelings, we always will be here to assist you.

Breakfast in Jerusalem hotel. Pickup from Jerusalem hotel. Private transfer to Ben Gurion airport.
• Pickup from Ben Gurion airport on your arrival day and transfer to a hotel in Jerusalem (Optional)
• Pickup from hotel in Jerusalem on your departure day and transfer to Ben Gurion airport (Optional)
• Pickup from your Jerusalem hotel daily to join the group tours
• Return transfer daily to your Jerusalem hotel after the group tours
• 3 full day group tours according to the Tour package daily itinerary
• Jerusalem full day tour
• City of David and Underground Jerusalem
• Masada and Dead Sea Tour
• English speaking Tour Guides
• Professional Tour Guides Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism
• Entrance fees to all sites as per Tour package 4 day itinerary
• 4 nights in Jerusalem hotel in double room including breakfasts (Jerusalem Gold hotel or similar)
• Breakfast included in hotel – Daily Israeli Buffet
• All not mentioned in includes – excluded from the tour package

  • You can star your tour any day you want, according to your flight details

  • Guaranteed availability – Always available to book the tour package

  • One step booking super easy secure system

  • Instant payment and booking confirmation will be sent to your email

  • Detailed confirmation voucher will be provided within 72 hours

  • Price is per person in double sharing room

  • Single supplement of 65% will be applied for solo travelers

  • Lunches not included ( you will have a lunch break during the tours ) you can buy or bring your lunch in advance

  • Pickup from Jerusalem hotels at 08:30 am – 09.00 am to Jerusalem Bethlehem tour / Return estimated time 18:00 pm

  • Pickup from Jerusalem hotels at 05:50 am – 6.20 am to Nazareth tour / Return estimated time 18:00 pm

  • Dinners in Israel are available for extra supplement. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv both have thriving culinary scenes and most of our guests like to take advantage of the city’s many famous restaurants

  • Return pickup transfer from your hotel will be 4 hours before your flight. 3 hours before the flight guests must be in Ben Gurion airport

  • Cancellation at any time 10% of total price.

  • Cancellation less than two months before the arrival day 50% of total price charge

  • Cancellation less than a month before the arrival day 75% of total price charge

  • Cancellation less than a week before the arrival day 100% of total price full charge

  • Cancellation / Reschedule terms are the same

  • Any unused services fully non refundable

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